Goals of the Assessment

aims & outcomes

El Paso is the largest metropolitan area along the US-Mexico border and continues to experience economic and population growth. The City of El Paso has partnered with the Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) to conduct a comprehensive Sociable City Assessment. The Sociable City Assessment is a collaborative community engagement process that includes residents, business owners, stakeholders, and government officials.

The RHI Sociable City Assessment will evaluate El Paso’s social economy and how it benefits and challenges El Pasoans. It will further address aspects such as the variety and number of social venue offerings, public safety, sound concerns, and other community concerns. The goal is to find a balance that is both safe and vibrant. RHI will then create and recommend an action plan based on community input, and national best practices with a clear focus on improving public safety while cultivating a sociable and vibrant regional economy.


  • Preserve and advocate for social, cultural and economic value of dining and entertainment
  • Examine risk factors for crime, harm and disorder in social districts
  • Sustain peaceful co-existence of residents and businesses in mixed-use areas
  • Enhance communication between government and businesses regarding policy, procedures and resource allocation


  • Select and train dedicated staff to become leading advocates for a safe and vibrant life at night
  • Identify a citywide alliance model to implement a consensus-driven action plan
  • Establish data collection methods to evaluate and monitor progress over time in sociability, risk and compliance
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