Key Concepts

sociable city language

RHI utilizes key concepts and guiding principles to conduct the Sociable City Assessment. Learn how we evaluate your city's social economy using a trends analysis and comprehensive framework of Six Core Measures of a Sociable City.

Guiding Principles of a Sociable City

sociable city vision   |   the future of sociability

  • SOCIABILITY is sharing an experience with other people that stimulates the senses, intellect or emotions
  • HOSPITALITY is creating the social space for people to dine, drink, listen to music and dance
  • NIGHTLIFE is the social activity or entertainment available at night in a town or city
  • RESPONSIBLE HOSPITALITY is assuring a safe and secure environment accessible to all
  • THE SOCIAL ECONOMY is the collective revenue and employment generated by hospitality businesses and the suppliers of products and services to support nightlife

Three Most Common Social Enhancers

Alcohol   |   Music   |   People

As people gather to socialize, there are three “Social Enhancers” common to most occasions:

  • ALCOHOL: The Lubricant of Sociability
  • MUSIC: The Heartbeat of Sociability
  • PEOPLE: Singles, Mingles, Family and Jingles Life Stages

The Assessment will examine how these three social enhancers can become risk factors in the late evening and early morning hours.

Governance & Market Forces


  • GOVERNANCE: Current systems of governance for social economy planning and management, including licensing and stakeholder coordination
  • MARKET FORCES: Current market forces driving changes, challenges and opportunities for innovation

The Assessment will examine the influence of a variety of market forces (e.g. COVID-19 pandemic, economy, tourism, etc.) on the safety, vibrancy and management of your social economy.

Current systems of governance, such as licensing, partnerships and oversight, will also be reviewed for potential improvement.

Six Core Measures of a Sociable City


E-Hail | Safe Rides | Taxi Stands | Valet Parking | Transport Hubs | Parking Safety | Traffic Safety | DUI Prevention | Public Transit Hours | Street Closure | Pedestrian Safety

Quality of Life

Sound Control | Trash Pick-up | Cigarette Litter | Public Restrooms | Public Civility | Resident Forum | Vandalism | Zoning Standards | Mediation | Agent of Change

Public Safety

Licenses | Closing Time | Crowds | Officer Training | Ambassador | Safety Alliance | Business Mentor | CPTED | Crime Prevention | Early Assistance | Data Driven Strategy | Permits

Venue Safety

Safety Plan | Server Training | Security Training | Nightlife Alliance | Customer Service | Age Identification | Patron Behavior | Sexual Assault | Extended Hours | Community Forums

Public Space

Outdoor Dining | Public Markets | Vendors | Kiosks | Pedestrian Safety | Street Performers-Buskers | Food Trucks | Accessibility | Panhandling | Lighting