Sociable City Assessment
Sacramento, California

Project Overview  |   The future of sociability

Nightlife is a vital part of Sacramento’s economy, culture, and identity, supporting jobs and generating revenue. The nightlife has become an important incubator of cultural movements and provides spaces for connection, creativity, and personal expression. The creation of the Office of Nighttime Economy reflects the city’s position as a leader in a growing movement of more than 40 major cities around the world working to proactively manage life at night. The Sociable City Assessment will allow residents, businesses, and government officials to collaborate and develop action steps to plan and manage Sacramento’s social economy.

What is a Sociable City Assessment

A Sociable City Assessment (SCA) is a team building process to achieve buy-in with your city’s key stakeholders and analyze your social economy’s strengths, challenges and opportunities for improvement. Over a period of six to twelve months, RHI staff and consultants will observe your city’s nightlife firsthand, conduct focus groups and collect data to drill deep into your city. Not only will you receive an action blueprint with next steps, but we’ll also help you build bridges of trust and communication between key stakeholders to guide implementation.

Opportunities to Participate

Our process mobilizes a team of people with credibility and access to resources to ensure the diverse voices from your city are heard. This is where you come in! Your input matters. You have been invited to participate because you bring important insights about nightlife and the social economy. Check out our upcoming events, where you can bring your questions, concerns and suggestions to the process.

About the Responsible Hospitality Institute

The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 whose mission is to help communities create safe and vibrant places to socialize. RHI has evaluated more than 80 North American cities.
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